1. Just heard the news, picked a great day to wear my orange Beltran shirt.

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    Safe? After 7 hours the game ends like this?


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  3. He’s On Fire

    FIRE and EMS are headed to Murphy’s hotel room.

  4. bnphonetic:

    His First ‘New York Mets’ Game (by BallAboveAll007)

    awww this is so cute! (i say that in the most manly way possible lol)  This kid is named Lucas Shea Capo. What a boss name. Im so naming one of my children Shea. Shea stadium was of course one of my favorite places in the world

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  5. droppingtheball2009:

    One of my favorite memories from the 2009 season.

  7. gfbaseball:

    Johan Santana during a bullpen session, July 24, 2011

  8. dude, share the link!


    Should I Buy These Speakers?? :D

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  9. I just noticed… Everyone says the mets suck but a met player has the highest batting avg in the MLB. a Met player leads with the most Doubles, and another met player leads with the most Triples.

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    I only kiss Mets fans. (and Jets fans of course)

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  11. FUCK YEAH David Wright’s BACK!!


    #18 David Wright-Mets

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    Woohoo!! From last night!!

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    I had to put this up. LL repping Queens. Going to a Mets game tomorrow night. Excited (:

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  14. yo mamma what?!?



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  15. zoeny:

    Keith Hernandez shows how he eats his namesake burger, new at the “Keith’s Grill” at Citi Field. Chomp away, Mex!

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